Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas brings out the lame mother in me.

Case in Point:

I am a lame decorator.  Christmas it seems requires decorating.  I can't even make our tree skirt fit:

. . . or keep ornaments on our tree.

I have good intentions and poor follow-through.  I hung our advent calendar and failed to put one thing in it.  The kids think it's a decoration.

I am lame at family devotions.  We are a week behind on our Jesse Tree.

We have a lame Elf on the Shelf.  He lost his magic long ago and the kids carry him around everywhere- and when he returns he gets stuck back on the same shelf every time.  (My kids didn't buy the magical Elf story for a minute).

he sits up there right next to Jim's cigar . .. what?

I meant to mail our Christmas letter weeks ago.  I wrote one and decided it was stupid, so I have been trying to write another but I am sitting here writing about what a lame mom I am instead.  Maybe I will try to send a New Year's card.  Just like I said I would send last year.  And every year since 2007.

And forget about a professional photo shoot with our kids in matching Christmas outfits.  This was the only photo from 2011 with everyone smiling, so this is the holiday photo I'm sending:

(don't look close at the dark circles under my eyes and ratty t-shirt.  And why is Jim wearing long sleeves at the beach?  I don't know.)

I did, however, manage to buy and wrap some thoughtful gifts, mail a package, take care of a sick child, and not be frustrated when this girl with broccoli in her teeth couldn't take a nap today but insists on sitting on my lap banging on the computer.  Maybe she can write the Christmas letter.

(Oh, and Sami and I put together a few of this cowgirl cookie mix to give.  And, here is a link to a series of paintings I did for our church for Advent).


nana said...

I would be more concerned if you were a failure as a parent, which I don't think you are.

Shannon said...

Haha! I love it. I'm a lame mom too. I wrapped Christmas books for Grace to unwrap one each day the month of dec. only I got sick of wrapping after 15 or so and so I just "forgot" a few days. :) No christmas cookies or cards send out here either, but.. we WILL have a great day tomorrow!
Love you!