Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday Randomness

A random picture for your Happy Friday:

This girl makes me smile a hundred times a day.
See those beautiful curls?
I cut them off.
I really didn't mean to- I just kept trimming . .. and trimming . .. and trimming
{sad sigh}

We have reached a new era in our home which is Kindergarten Fashion.  This morning Sam put on a long navy Laura Ingalls Wilder skirt with black Hello Kitty t-shirt, white tights, and tennis shoes.  It is cool in kindergarten not to match.  It's happening already.

Two new blogs I have discovered this week:

Check them out!

All of the posts this week have been brought to you by the Engineer and his week off of work in which he valiantly offered to watch the kids so I could write.  Not only did he bring me Starbucks regularly, he also painted and baked with Annie daily, did the dishes and played music loudly all day long.  He is clearly the cooler parent and we are all insisting that he not ever go back to work EVER. 

I got to write (sit at my desk and ruminate), blog daily, and flat iron my hair!  I don't have high hopes for my writing or hair, but maybe I am enjoying getting a little blog mojo back and maybe I can at least attempt to blog a little more regularly again.  

1 comment:

Brandee Shafer said...

Sorry about the hair. I'm pretty sure my little girl's is uneven, but I've never touched it except for her bangs because...well, I guess your post proves it's really hard to cut curly hair in a straight line? And I know I'm not talented like that.