Monday, January 23, 2012

dear friend, between,

I want to tell you about a time between times and a space between spaces

What I want to tell you about is a light that shone 
in a tiny apartment
between an old chair
and the edge of the world
on quiet dark nights
which is where
(what I remember is the light)
snow against pane
I discovered I was still living

I wish I could tell you how it came to me
bouncing across the astral plane
into my window
how I sat on that old rocker and greeted you
a galaxy away
I wish I could describe the sound it made
shaking stars out of the rug
they scattered across the floor
there was love

What I want to tell you is that all is not lost
that you are so very much alive-
that it is not the spaces which are,
but the ones between
where air fills up the cracks:
ancient zapping molecules that fell
from Einstein's chalkdust
and Samson's hair
and whispered that night in the car
and fell again against my window

My wish for you (in this dark night) is to know
that somewhere 
in a tiny space inside yourself
there is a light
it is quiet there
you will hear yourself breathe
you will find yourself amazed by your breath
the breathing out of all who have lived before
into your now

I wish for you the space between 
faith and knowledge
sorrow and grief
hope and redemption
this dark and your soul
the great gaps in a flake of snow 
through which love reaches

and the time between times
where light has traveled of all this way to the edge of the world to find you
(it breaks at your feet and skids across the floor)

which is wonder
which is love 


Thoughts for the day said...

Beautifully written, with great imagery. Enjoyed it.

Ruth said...