Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony: idealist vs. scientist

Yesterday I watched this, not realizing that it was "trending" and "viral," and I cried, along with half the planet.  I found it incredibly moving, and was struck by how amazing compassion + creativity can be when put to good use.


Today I have caught bits and pieces of the criticism that has since been unleashed.

I am the first to admit that I can be easily duped, that I respond first with my emotions.

I am an optimist.  An INFP idealist/ optimist.  I believe everything.  I can't help it, I was born that way.  Since I have been married I have been allowed to see what a pain in the ass that sometimes makes me.

The problem is that I am married to an INTJ scientist, which means he lives in a world of rationality and logic (things I find irrelevant ;-).  And to be honest, sometimes that is a pain in the ass.

And sometimes I am slow to admit that my husband is often right.

But sometimes I am right too.

I love the idealism of this movement.

I found it irritating to listen to the naysayers today.  Why for every idealist out there, must there be an army of bloggers ready to rip him to pieces.

And yet I reluctantly admit that the critics are necessary too.

There is no perfect organization or strategy.

But isn't it inspiring to find people who are trying anyway?

I, for one, am praying for the children of Uganda, and for the capture of any evil person, something I hadn't been doing before I watched this video yesterday.

The video reminded me that idealism, and passion, and hope, are beautiful . . . and miracles are possible.

And I am asking myself what is the good that is in my power to do, with every creative resource God has given me, however small and flawed?

Rachel Held Evans has a good list of Kony 2012 resources

I have asked Jim to watch this video and respond on my blog tomorrow!


LisaM said...

"But isn't it inspiring to find people who are trying anyway?"

Yes. Unequivocally, yes.

deb colarossi said...

I so get you.
And agree.
I actually shared it on FB, something I rarely do and then immediately second guessed myself.

But in the end,
awareness is key , and so is discussion and so is inspiration.