Monday, April 16, 2012

spring break and art to hang {with kids} {on the cheap}

This morning Jo at Mylestones published her list of what she's just not into right now (reading blogs and writing online among them), and I could totally relate; hence the two-week silence on this blog.  I am so random with blogging, feast or famine . . . which is actually just so me and honestly, this is what I love about blogging.  There are no rules.

nap (whatthewhat!!??)
I truly believe that my four year old may actually at this moment be napping, at the same time that her sister is napping . .. it has been quiet for nearly five minutes.  WOW.  I think I should go pour myself a glass of wine to celebrate.  (updated: her toys fell off the bed and woke her.  Oh, well, this way she'll sleep tonight).

spring break {on the cheap}

This minor miracle can only be due to the past ten days of spring break, in which we wore the pants off of the little people . . . My goal for break was to just be fully present, to put everything aside and enjoy my kids, having as much fun as possible but spending nearly no money at all.  I felt like we had a really good Stay-cation, and our total cost: under $30.00!  (thanks to visiting Nana and Papa, Pinterest, our public library, and the city of Cleveland).

learning to finger-knit

Jim took vacation two days this week and we decided to split duty with the toddler, and each take a day with the older kids.  This worked out well as Josie generally demands so much attention and we could enjoy a day with just the big girls.  I took the girls to the Cleveland Museum of Art (always free) and out for lunch, Jim took them to the Botanical Gardens (where we are members, so it is free).

(I bought the girls Easter dresses in the middle of winter a year or two ago on Clearance.  It is fun to pull out new clothes we'd forgotten, and this is the only way I shop for clothes.  Some day my girls may hate me for this, for now they are delighted)

decorating {on the cheap}

So yes, I have a degree in Fine Arts but you would never know this by looking at our house.  The walls are still white, and although I would love to hang art everywhere I have little time to make art myself, and our inclination for decorating is about Zero; our decorating budget is less than that.

I believe your home should reflect your season of life, and the thing I do have time and enthusiasm for, and with the art supplies I already have requires nearly no money, is painting with my kids.

After our sober season of Lent in which I had removed most of the decorations from our home, I was ready for some COLOR on these walls.  This was our collaborative art project:

There are tons of flowering trees like this in our neighborhood, so I thought this would be a good springtime project.

First I had each child (even 2 y.o. Josie with help from me) paint a canvas with any and as many shades of blue as they'd like.

After they dried I stapled them together underneath, and painted a big tree and branches.

Then I had the girls paint blossoms by stamping with the tops of paint bottles.  I filled in later.
And here is our springtime painting:

We are currently working on another project for the mantle, coming soon!


LisaM said...

love it! :-)

Ruth said...

Your painting is wonderful! And I bet the girls are proud!

barefootmommy said...

It's so happy and cheerful!

aliharding said...

Inspiring.... my sister has always been the painter...but this makes me want to try.

Cara said...

I love this! My favorite, though, is Sami finger weaving, as we call it at our house. I just taught C how to do this over the winter and now it's all she wants to do!

Grad Trips said...

Nice post..Thanks for listing lots of activities for the kids...