Thursday, May 10, 2012

being together

I wish I had pictures of our women's retreat this weekend . . . they would be glowing green and fly-away blue.  I was even greeted by a red sly fox as I sat beneath the trees, sketching life.

But a picture would not be accurate because you would need to feel the sun and hear the breeze . . . and in the background the music of voices.

But not just voices . ..

When women come together something magical happens.  They transform a place.

I need these voices, this gathering together, these conversations.

I need the community of women- every age and personality and persuasion- because they all teach me, they all are beautiful.

This is the church-

-and it happens only in the friction and rub, the grappling for words, the subtleties of expression, the anointing of prayer.

I found my spirit nourished not only from the time away, the time beneath the trees, the glory of nature . .. but most from this connection with other women; honesty, being together, being heard.  It is holy ground.

There is a sacredness of sharing together.

"Our stories are sacred!  They are oral stories of God.
Being able to speak words releases something.
Humans find God's presence primarily through relationships."-Mattie Marie Mast

This is the beauty of the church.

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Cara said...

I love this! It's so hard to explain how beautiful the weekend was, and you did an amazing job at it! I love our community of women!