Monday, May 21, 2012

Community Art Project: Beauty out of Brokenness

I have been wanting to share a collaborative art piece that we did together at the women's retreat a few weeks ago.
(Here it is not quite completed).

Our theme was on finding God in the broken or fragmented places in our lives.

My friend Maria came up with this idea for a group art project.  We were asked to bring fabric scraps with us to the weekend, perhaps some that are meaningful or significant.  On the first night we each held a fabric piece and shared the story of the fabric, or what it symbolized for us.

This stained glass pattern was painted onto the canvas beforehand, and each shape had been traced onto a pattern.  Throughout the weekend we cut-out shapes and worked together piecing the fabric onto the canvas.

I think we were all surprised by just how well the mosaic turned out, and of how meaningful it was for us as a group.

The mosaic symbolizes the way that we are all different, all broken; we come broken to God and He transforms, brings beauty out of ashes, makes all things new.

Also meaningful is the way that this piece holds so many stories, places that we are holding up to God and asking for His light and healing to shine through.

It meant a lot to work on this together as a group.  Throughout the weekend as we casually cut and glued, discussed the fabrics and where to place the colors, there was a sweet spirit of fellowship and holy creativity.

The art now hangs in our church, a symbol of stories and hope, beauty out of brokenness, the beauty of the body of Christ.

I love these ladies!

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