Friday, May 11, 2012

the creative process, and places I thought I'd never go


  Annie must have snapped these pics of Sami attempting to compose her very first email.  I love this series because I think it describes my writing process precisely!  HA!

While Sami is writing and reading these days, Annie is drawing-- always pictures of girls soaring through the air, pigtails flying behind them. 

And then there are the things I swore I'd never do . . . 

We went to a pet store this week.  On purpose.  (Forgive me pet people, but I have to control my gag reflex just walking into a pet store!)  Because we needed to buy bedding for our new baby bunny . . .

Her name is Fluffy.  Because we are wildly original.

She is all thanks to my dad who is already my kids' Best Buddy, and now officially their hero for convincing their mother that they can have a pet.  (Ok, I'll admit, it is pretty darn cute).  (How to housetrain a rabbit -- another thing I never thought I would google).  

Now I am off to pack the car; we are taking Fluffy and heading to the country for the weekend, stopping on our way to pick up my lovely mom at the airport who was visiting my brother Joe in L.A. this week.

This pictures makes me smile- two of my very favorite people.

Happy Mother's Day to my fun, creative, joyful Mom.  I am so glad you are my mom!

And Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful mothers I know.  I hope that you will find great joy in the gift of motherhood, and will take time this weekend to celebrate this messy, humble, glorious work!

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Elizabeth said...

Have been saving this post in my reader for more than a week now intending to come here and comment. That photo series of Sami is adorable. And the first photo of her... her expression and mannerisms remind me so much of you. Usually I see Jim with a touch of Jess, but in that picture all I could see was you. :) I can't believe how big your girls are getting!