Saturday, May 19, 2012

education (revisited)

 A year ago I wrote a post struggling through our decision to homeschool our then soon-to-be kindergartener, or to send her to public school.  I received some great comments, from people I respect, on both sides of the issue.   We ended up going with public school for kindergarten.

And it has been great.

Honestly, I have had no complaints, and neither has Sam.  She has come home happy every single day.  Every day I ask her what was the best and worst thing about her day, and she has not ever had a worst thing.  I really like her teacher and have been happy with her learning, her friends, etc.

But we have decided to begin homeschool next year!

I am excited, very at peace with the decision, and I am happy that our choice is not a reaction to anything but rather choosing the better (for us) of two good things.

I am thankful for a good friend who is also homeschooling her daughter next year.  This week we swapped kids for a day, so we could each have a day to plan and do some research.

As I was researching I was able to see again just why I believe this is the right decision for us:

-Over the past four years I have read and bookmarked dozens and dozens of blogs and pages related to homeschool.  The fact that I have always been drawn to these blogs, that I find such pleasure in thinking about homeschooling my kids, is one good indication that I am doing this from my heart and not out of some sense of guilt or duty.

-I believe we can give our kids a joyful and passionate education.

-I want to live without regret.  All of the fears that I wrote about last year have not gone away, but I want to choose to live from my heart and my gut rather than from fear.

-Rush.  We intentionally kept Sami out of a lot of activities this year, but still our afternoons felt rushed.  I did not like that her teacher spent more waking hours with her than I did.  I want to keep our lives calm, with time for lessons and sports that do not fill up all of our family time.

-Let them be kids.  We do want to protect our kids from the influences of the culture, from growing up too fast, and to give them plenty of uninterrupted time for play and imagination.

-Flexibility.  Amen.

Of course there are plenty of reasons why it would be easy to at least delay homeschooling for another year.  I want to write, I want to make art, and I don't feel like I need to give either of those up.  Rather, I am believing that schooling my kids will in ways feed my art, and vice versa.  Maybe it will not be in the amounts of time that I would like, but I believe there is room for both.  And, to remember that this is a season of life; I want to live it to it's full.

I have posted and will continue to update a Homeschool page with some of our favorite links and resources on the sidebar.  Find it here.  And my homeschool board on pinterest is here.


Janet said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you're off to a great start. Wishing you all the best!

Seven From Heaven said...

Welcome to the club. You will never regret it.

Elizabeth said...

:) So excited to watch your family's journey from afar. :)