Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh Josie . . . links and work from home

Oh Josie . ..
(I think I say this 10,000 times a day)

On this day I gave her both sensory boxes- one with beans and one cornmeal- as I was trying to prepare supper, because she would not let me put her down . . .
knowing full well that she would likely dump them all over the floor . . . 
which she promptly did, and spent an entire ten minutes dancing in . ..
and sometimes, you know, those strategic ten minutes are worth the hour you will spend washing cornmeal out of the cracks in the floor later.  
I so love this girl.
Favorite Links This week . ..

Our friend Tim is blogging again.  I have been hoping he would come back to blogging!  He is a pastor in Madison, Wisconsin, a reader and thinker and a great heart.  You will want to follow his blog.

I really liked this post I found from Tim's Blog, Faithful is the New Radical.

I love everything that Emily at Chatting at the Sky writes, but this one was one of my favorites, one thing that will make your soul explode:
Our souls were not made for fame. 
Ruth's poem, Oceans, is perfect; about our relationship with technology and our longing for mystery.

Do What You Love at Simple Mom this week was especially encouraging:
But here’s what I’ve come to find in the few years since I’ve rediscovered my love of writing: Practicing this craft, and letting my love for it pour out on the paper and the screen, multiplies my love for my kids and my spouse. Much like having another baby enlarges your heart, exercising the gift and the passion I’ve been given makes me a better lover, not worse.
I love these Ten Tips to Steal Like an Artist

Especially number 9, be boring (it's the only way to get work done.)  I definitely feel like I am becoming more and more boring!  And happy.

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