Thursday, June 14, 2012

community and homeschool

Of all my doubts and fears surrounding homeschooling, this would be the greatest:

the sense of breaking away from our community . .. 

of being a part of something alive and growing, a community of people where we are both needed and in need of it's members . ..

it has been a sorrow throughout my life.  I hate good-byes.  I feel a deep sense of connection to others, a great awareness of their value in my life, even if I don't always know how to express it . ..

Urban Outfitters
We didn't talk about homeschool with Sami in the last weeks of school.  It seemed important that she be allowed to be fully present, that she soak in the last days with her class before moving on.  On the last day of school, talking with other moms and seeing her with her friends, I could have changed my mind right there, signed on to public schooling her for the next twelve years, if only to not have to say goodbye . ..

The next day we had our first gathering with our homeschool co-op, and I am so glad that we timed it this way, to remind ourselves of the new community we are re-attaching to, of the new beautiful people we will be joining hands with.

And our public school friends reminded us that we are neighborhood friends, not just school friends, and that our friendship will continue well beyond the school walls.  It is so good to know this.

I don't know that I could homeschool if there weren't a community for us to be a part of, even if only a few times a month.  I am so thankful that God has allowed us to find these other like-minded families to enjoy the homeschooling journey with!


"Mom will the fireflies come out again tonight?" -Annie . . . This is the only appointment on our schedule this summer.

This post by Sarah Bessey is one of my favorite posts ever.  I wish I had had the eloquence (and the coherence) during the sleepless years to pen a post like this.  I so identify with this grace found in the dark; the beauty I could, at times, cling to in the midst of the fog of sleep deprivation . . .

{This Sacred Everyday} In Which I Minister Love in the Night
I remember one night this past winter, I stood in the middle of my living room, alone, in the wee small hours. The cold house was lit with stars and street lights. I couldn’t go back to bed, it was so quiet, so still, so other-worldly. I was brimming with something like wonder in the loneliness of the night, I could see the stars, something in me wanted to stay there, awake with all the mothers-hearts, up in the small hours, I felt them. 

happy girl~happy summer


Anu Gupta said...

All pictures are too cute .. loved it :)

Janet said...

Community, or lack thereof, is one of my struggles. (Sigh.) I'm so glad for such a strong beginning to your homeschool experience.