Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a simple summer day

Yesterday was the first normal summer day we have had--
we all were tired and ready for a day at home.  
I decided to photo document our simple, restful, summer day at home . . .

7:00 a.m. bunny fort

8:00 a.m. oatmeal

9:00 Dr. appointment, well visits.  Everybody healthy!

11:00 hungry for granola bars, we try these.  I forget to read the recipe, and it turns into granola.
Really, really good granola.
I eat nearly the entire batch.

11:30 blocks

12:00 lunch: veggies and cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches

12:30 on the couch with books
Josie to bed
. . . and then the big girls watched a movie, because- get this- the Doctor said it was okay for them to watch more television (after we had been doing so, so good with near-zero t.v.). . . and they heard her . .. and now they think that they "need" to watch more television . .. oh bother.
She also suggested they go to bed earlier.  Ahem.

While they zoned out I painted.

(arty biz: I am not loving acrylics, even the good set I bought, at all.
I am surprisingly enjoying watercolors.  
I bought Jim a swanky set that he asked for for Father's Day and then snuck into them to borrow his cerulean blue . ..
he says if I keep stealing his cerulean blue we be fightin . . .)

After giggling through Bambi 2, they decide to paint with me.
I really love that making art invites company.
Writing is such a solitary process, 
and trying to do it in the middle of the day during "rest time" was a continual fail.  
But painting in the middle of the day has turned into a nice time for good, quiet connection.

3:00 sleepyhead awakes.
Time for yogurt
and happy dances.

Josie wants to paint too-
(this has turned into a long process . .. )

But everyone is happy so I keep passing out the paper.
(Yard sale haul: a huge ream of 11 x 17 paper. Yard sales are great places for craft supplies!)

This is when I stopped taking pictures . . .
Jim wasn't home for dinner so it was a mac & cheese night.
We met a sweet neighbor girl who is going to babysit for us a few hours a week so I can work- 
a side job for my Dad.
(*my turn to happy dance*)

6:00 Outside to ride bikes.
I declare surrender to the deer and pull all my flower-less stems out of the ground.

7:00: our first official Neighborhood Book Club meeting.
A friend organized a book club for the kids-
they will read a book and then walk or bike it to the next person to read.
They have their own little maps and official book bag.
So much fun. 

By the time we got home it was time for bed.
No books tonight,
just a little chatting about our day,
a few songs . . .


We hardly made it outside,
but it was a slow, sweet Summer day-
the very best kind.

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