Wednesday, June 6, 2012

we heart cleveland

I will only ever tell the truth on this blog.
And the truth is, we love Cleveland.
We do.
Since moving here a year ago we have found that Cleveland is terribly underrated,
it's poor reputation is mostly undeserved,
and just maybe, we like Cleveland even more because of her rough edges and modest charms.

At least she's not snooty.

We will argue to the end that Cleveland is Ohio's best city,
and even though it's not the largest or most thriving city in the U.S.,
it holds unexpected gems that could rival any major city . ..
but on a much more accessible level.

Take for example: 
and Botanical Garden . . .
Cleveland's culinary scene is really fantastic . ..
the Cuyahoga County Public Library was ranked number one in the U.S. in 2010 . . .
the Cleveland Clinic, of course . ..
I could go on . .. (here's 100)

Cleveland has really wonderful neighborhoods,
lined by old trees and beautiful architecture,
a fabulous library system,
great metro parks,
cost of living lower than the national average . . .
tons of family events . . .
(honestly, if you look, there is more to do here in the spring, summer and fall months than one would ever have time to exhaust).

We love living in Cleveland for all that it offers for kids and families,
but this weekend we got to experience the city without children . .. 
and Cleveland without kids is very nice too!

first stop, Aladdins

dessert at Presti's

hanging out at Wade Oval,
and a few hours at the art museum . . . 

Jim and I were able to remember why we really like each other, too . ..
with our rough edges and modest charms. (smile)

Then, time to pick up the kids
who are not at all happy to leave Nana and Papa . . .

and back to wild, sweet reality .. .

in Cleveland.

I am adding a Cleveland section to this blog, a place to share some of the things we love about Cleveland. 

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aliharding said...

So, you may have just planned our anniversary for us. We've been looking for some place to go that is close and fun ans unique.I've been wanting to go to the Cleveland orchestra for years now anyway and be dressed up, even if people don't do that anymore.

Thanks for all the ideas!: )