Tuesday, August 21, 2012

for when I forget

It won't always be this way.
They won't always sit criss-cross applesauce and sparkle and giggle because their mom is trying to be their teacher.
The littlest won't sit every day quietly snipping foam for thirty minutes,
we won't bake bread every Monday like I plan
or always complete everything . . .
I will fail and snap.
We will all grow weary.
But every day, at least once, I will tell them that what they are learning is God.
That all truth is God's truth,
and there is no place their mind can wander or book they can open where God is not already present,
Alpha and Omega
I Am.
Together we will listen carefully to rocks crying out,
and singing mountains and we will applaud with the trees,
and somehow, in this beautiful work of wonder- under the awkward label of homeschool- we will know that there is no comma or molecule or letter in any language that does not sing Hallelujah.

This is why we homeschool.
   (for when I forget).


Cara S said...

I love this! You are in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on this journey!

Fijufic said...

These are some of the very best days life has to offer...Savor each of them. Mine are off to college now...


Tisa said...