Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stock School Week Four

Thursday 1:30
Iced latte recipe here.

The house is quiet for the moment, the tiny one is napping, the others are playing quietly.  This afternoon we will do some art and a little more reading, tomorrow we meet with our co-op and then our fourth week of homeschool will be complete.

It feels in many ways as though we have been doing this forever, which, really, we have.  Our days have always flowed according to this kind of rhythm- early mornings for play, active forenoon and quiet afternoons, punctuated by little meals and lots of picking up.

My challenges are the same; the kids still wake up too early and my well-intentioned plans are still sacrificed for the unpredictable events of life with children.  I still don't know how to fit it all in, or how to work from home when work and home are all jumbled together.  I look up and ask, which one- this or this? and I feel God say, Yes, and so I am finally (finally!) after nearly seven years realizing that this isn't going to change; this lack of time, it is as it is supposed to be, and there will never be enough.  That's okay.

And at the same time life is wonderfully small and simple, too.

This week we took full advantage of this glorious weather and our homeschool liberties, and spent a day learning at the Nature Center.  I love the freedom to do this, to be outdoors when we want to be, to experience God in everything we learn.

Found or Learned this week:

-I am requiring too much writing from Sam and she is getting frustrated.  She is normally a very eager learner but was beginning to melt down every time I asked her to write, which was often.  Cutting back on handwriting and doing more narration and memorization for a while.

-Dear Me, by Amber at The Run A Muck

-Sarah Bessey, In defense of the Cafeteria.  This is beautiful, and true. (thanks, Ruth)

-The many uses of castile soap

-Yoga.  I love it.

-Room by Emma Donoghue
I actually finished this a few weeks ago.  I had picked it up at a thrift store, and then it sat on my shelf because I didn't think I could bear to read it.  The subject is horrific- a mother and child held prisoner in an 11 x 11 room, the only world the boy has ever known.  I finally was motivated to read it because we were going to hear her speak at the Cleveland Writer's Center Stage series.  I ended up losing a lot of sleep because I couldn't put the book down, I finished it in two days.  And although the subject is terrifying she handled it in such a hopeful way.  This book made me a better mother.

-I am still feeling bad that I can't seem to interest Annie in what we are doing, and all of my effort seems to be focused on Sam.  I know that this is largely due to age and personality, although she wants to be present she doesn't want to participate.  This weekend I am going to work on preparing some Montessori-based materials for her, hopefully that will help.

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