Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday: Stock School and a Book

School by now feels normal, it is just what we do.  

I have begun to receive some sass from the first grader, but for this one, that is a good thing.  She is my pleaser.  When I correct her on just about anything she feels like she has failed.  This is one of the reasons we believe that homeschool is right for us: Sami is beginning to sass. I can see her gaining confidence and growing into her spunk, which, somehow, public school just seemed to deflate.

And just in case I paint our homeschool days as too rosy, occasionally there is this . . .

don't be jealous of our 20" screen
Because there are days when I need to escape for a little bit.  Especially when I have a can't-put-down book to escape into.  

I picked-up The Forgotten Garden at a yard sale this summer, given rave reviews by the seller.  This was the perfect escape read.  A little bit Gothic but not too dark, entertaining but not predictable.  And it takes place in England so they are always sipping tea and exploring old cottages and mysterious gardens.  Loved it.

 In the past few weeks we got to spend a golden day at a fall festival with our co-op, a drizzly Sunday at the Museum to see Egyptian artifacts, and a few days in the country.  And we have eaten endless bowls of soup.  Love Autumn.  Recipes coming soon.

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