Friday, October 5, 2012

Stock School, in which the ipad wins

Autumn in Cleveland Metroparks

School Re-cap

It was yet another week out of the norm and so I am thinking maybe this is the normal?  Embrace it.

Last week ended with a trip to the metroparks for a free homeschool class and then we were off to a funeral and weekend with family.  We extended the trip to visit my parents while Jim worked, and spent a day at Nickajack Farms'  Fall Festival.  We got back Tuesday evening, tired, and needing to catch-up from two days off of school.

Like I said, we all were tired . . . and grumpy.  After a really bad day on Wednesday, I made some changes and our last two days were much better.

Divide and Conquer

I realized part of the little ones acting out during school was needing more one-on-one time with only me.  I have been so focused on the material that I've not come up with a specific preschool curriculum.  It is really simple to adapt Sami's first grade material to preschool, I just need time alone with Annie to help her with it.  And then time alone with the first grader is 1,000x more productive.

Technology Wins

So, I gave in to technology this week, and I may always.

We met together for our morning meeting: devotions, poetry, date and weather, current event and geography.  Then, Sami and Josie can either play games on the ipad or watch pbs.  I work with Sami next and then Annie can have her technology time.  The obvious flaw here is that Josie could potentially spend the entire morning glued to a screen.  Yes, she is too young to be watching so much- or any (and she loves the ipad).  On the days I am prepared enough it helps to offer her something to glue, cut, or otherwise destroy.

I am learning that I will have days when all we can handle is the very minimum- and that's okay.  There are also days when for whatever reason everything falls into place with room to spare, and I try to capitalize on those days- this is when we do art projects or bake or double-up on schoolwork.

Audio books are a lifesaver for the bare-bones days.  Our library offers individual players which are great.  This week the girls loved playing in the afternoons while listening to Junie B. Jones.

Finally by today we were rested and caught-up on schoolwork, and spent the afternoon making this pumpkin pie play-dough.  It really is one of the best dough recipes, and smells so great.  The girls loved this.

Seven Daily Rungs

I tend to be anxious over how we live our days- are we fitting it all in?  Are we doing enough?  I remembered this post by Ann Voskamp on The Seven Daily Rungs, and went back to re-read it.  Great advice.  I need to remember this!

Nice article in the Atlantic this month, The Homeschool Diaries

"I have a wonderful and terrible truth for you.  We become like the object of our focus.  If our focus is on our needs, we become more needy.  If our focus is on the harm others have done to us, we become harmful and angry people.  If our focus is on material things, we become grasping and greedy.  And, praise God, if our focus is on Christ, we become more and more like Him." -Beth Moore in Living Free.  Really enjoying doing this study with our ladies' Bible Study at church.
Other . . .

The cream I mentioned in my last post is called Bee Balm Face Cream, and it is an all-natural product made by a local company- Morning Song Gardens.  I bought their face soap and lotion this summer at a farmers market, and have become a huge fan.  I may do most of my Christmas shopping here!

Did you happen to hear the Stephen Colbert interview on Fresh Air on Thursday?  Fabulous.  The first political anything this year that was actually interesting, thoughtful, or believable.

However while I was upstairs cleaning and listening to npr, this was happening downstairs:

oh, love 'em . . .

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