Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ten Reasons Why Romney and Obama Might Want to Come for Dinner

Dear Sirs,

With the election only days away, I thought you may be interested to know that even after following your months of campaigning and watching you debate three times, I am yet undecided as to how I will vote on Tuesday.  Honestly, it's not you.  It's me.  You don't even want to see me try to decide what to have for lunch.

I would like to invite you for dinner.  Here are some reasons why I think you might like to have dinner with our family in Cleveland, Ohio:

1. I am an undecided female voter in Ohio.
2. I am a middle-class, stay-at-home mom. I love Jesus. And, we homeschool- not sure how you feel about that.
3. My chili won the Friendship Mennonite chili cook-off last month (it may have been a charity vote, Mennonites are like that. But still).
4. I am married to a civil engineer and my dad is a small business owner.  Jim both lost and found a job within Obama's term.
5. My kids are darling and not at all loud or temperamental.
6. Dick Cheney once hoped to meet them.
6. I come from a long line of democrats, republicans, pacifists, soldiers, feminists, farmers, and the Amish, which makes me completely confused unbiased.
7. With the exception of that one time in High School when I snuck out with my friends and cruised the boulevard and threw a pop can out the window, and then came home and confessed the whole thing to my parents, I have a very clean record.
8.  Also, once in college I drank half of a wine cooler when I was underage. My parents still don't know.
9. I promise to write about your visit on this blog, currently with dozens of followers.
10. It is very likely that once I meet you, I will find you great and amazing and be loyal to you forever.  I tend to do that.

Please consider joining us for dinner this weekend.  We are having soup.

Jessica E. Stock


Ruth said...

I'm not running for president, but can I come for dinner?

Jessica said...

Ruth, Absolutely! You can be the Haitian representative.

Cara said...

I love this!

Ruth said...

Great! Are we having the soup in the post below? Because it looks yummy.