Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Soup

This week I discovered the secret to smooth, productive homeschool! It is to stay at home

It was our first blank slate this week. Birthdays past, Trick-or-treat over, no parties or funerals or overnight trips . . . I relished in a simple, quiet week, a clean house, and a dramatic change in the kids' behavior: this week everyone was calmer and steadier. Of course, after about one more week of routine, we will be itching again for activity.

Add to that, I love the time change! I know it wreaks havoc for a lot of moms, but my kids already are up too early. We have simply ignored Daylight Savings and send them to bed an hour earlier; I add another book to my nightstand.

I also indulged in at least two days of media as I was glued to the election coverage. However one feels about the outcome, the democratic process is thrilling.
Finally this week after blogging at blogspot for over four years, I purchased my own domain name-  (I know, I am so progressive.) 

I am on twitter very minimally. Honestly, I hardly even know how to use twitter, and it has always felt like one more thing that will cause me to waste time on the internet. But my friend Bridget posted a few weeks ago on what she has learned on twitter, which got me intrigued and then when I asked she even wrote a very helpful post on twitter basics.  So I may be twittering occasionally (follow here)- and if I unknowingly do anything embarrassing there please let me know, mmkay?

If I Were a Writer . . . How Would I Engage Social Medai? at social media today


We bought a piano from craigslist a few weeks ago. The piano itself was not expensive- $150 which seemed like a good deal- but after we got it I was sick fearing that maybe it couldn't be tuned and would have been a huge waste. This week the tuner came and within an hour had it sounding beautiful. Such a relief, and such fun to hear the girls learn to play.

For their birthdays my mom bought the girls Corolle Dolls. I love these dolls! They are so pretty, and a nice alternative to American Girl.

Book The Great Gatsby
This is one of those books that I somehow missed in my education. Actually I missed a lot of great books as I subbed a poetry class for Lit in college, and have always regretted not taking more courses. It took me a long time to get through this very short book, I didn't feel a great attachment to it but loved the sentences.

I have never read a graphic novel, but after reading this article in Poets&Writers about Chris Ware, I want to. I was surprised at how the clips of graphic in the magazine drew me into the story in a very emotional way.

The Zoo at A Deeper Story

If you wait until you got time to write a novel, or time to write a story, or time to read the hundred thousands of books you should have already read – if you wait for the time, you will never do it. ‘Cause there ain’t no time; world don’t want you to do that. World wants you to go to the zoo and eat cotton candy, preferably seven days a week. –Harry Crews


Next week is Joe's birthday and as he lives in L.A., we decided to put together a little package to send him. We started with cookies: the first batch didn't mix right, the next burnt, and the last pan was perfect until I dropped it upside down on the floor.  Nevermind, we would make pumpkin bread which turned out beautifully except that I forgot to add the sugar! 

Joe, consider this your birthday greeting.  We love you!
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