Saturday, February 2, 2013

all we needed

Oh, January.
Forget everything I said about the calmest weeks of midwinter because although yes the children are calmer and content, January does no such thing for their mother. After being housebound with the kids for these many weeks I began to feel it's effects . . . which is a nice way of saying that the end of January left me hanging from it's icy ragged edge.

Here are some things that helped put me back together this week:

13 Things Not to do When You Have PMS- My Life and Kids

Longing for Grace Toward Ourselves- Practical Theology for Women

I so love this kitchen- Flower Patch Farmgirl

What is Self-Righteousness and Why is it Annoying- Don Miller

Christian communities are loaded with these people because, well, we’ve got lots of rules. And not only do we have lots of rules, they’re rules established by God. That’s like crack for a person who is given to comparing themselves to others.

Kingdom Come- Thoughts on the Wait- The RunaMuck

Don’t we all have tax-collector souls? Aren’t we just begging that a friend would come over and pop the cork, hear our hearts and send us in the unwavering direction of truth? We keep finding ourselves begging forgiveness and screwing up at the same things over and over again. Is Jesus still my friend? I see so many eyes ask that question. If He were hearing me, why am I not acting better or why haven’t I found healing? And with these questions, the problem is then what to do with all the guilt and shame.
To the list of endangered species could we
please add the language of kindness?

Hating President Obama (in Jesus's name)

These are the same people who believe the "The Left" to be void of God, Jesus, faith, religion, and morals (and that's not true) AND YET, they still hold these "godless liberal good-for-nothing voters" to the same values that Christ called them too. How can you expect a group of people who are supposedly "godless" to be kind and diplomatic when you, "The God-Fearing-and-Loving Evangelical Right" have zero ability to showcase your frustration with sanity and spellcheck?

Outside it is snowing snowing snowing, and I have a hot cup of tea, and more writing to do.  
I wish that I "could come over, and pop the cork, and hear your heart". .. until then, I'm here wishing you a good cup of tea today, or whatever it is you need to be put back together.

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Amanda Steele said...

You bless my heart, Jess.