Thursday, February 14, 2013

sunshine soup

This week's soup is brought to you by the Sunshine State, and a first rainy day suitable for blogging.

It seems quite un-Lenten of me to begin a season of Lent with my feet propped up on a beach chair, in the land of well-dressed pets and eternal youth. (It is disconcerting to observe a teenager on a bike, and as she comes near discover she is closer to seventy- no?) 

But here we are, staying with my parents and loving every minute of sunshine and remembering again another benefit of homeschool- wink.

Beach read: The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

Lenten read: Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen


Why Ash Wednesday Matters- Relevant
All this captured in one smudge—one smear of the ashen cross on my forehead that serves as a symbol of a most poignant paradox of our faith: God brings life out of the sin and suffering. It signifies that He did this with every heavy step Jesus took toward the cross and that He does this with us, with every burdened and broken step we take in this life.On Ash Wednesday and throughout Lent, we’re invited to a time to look at our missteps and our regrets, our longings and our losses, and offer them all to God, who not only accepts them but transforms them.
I really Rachel Held Evans 40 Ideas for Lent 2013  and this  thorn wreath is a great idea to do with kids during Lent.

The Mirror and the Periscope- Seth Godin

I am so thankful for this time away to think and relax and enjoy the kids and a change of pace and scenery.

One of the best parts of this trip has been to spend time with some old friends who were a huge influence on my life, and I am thinking a lot about influence and friendship and what they mean. Looking forward to writing more on that soon.

Later, Alligator . . . 

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Cami said...

I saw a similar thorn wreath idea. Might do that next year. This year I am simply exposing my kids to the basic concept of lent. I never grew up with any real observance of it, so I'm learning as I go and trying a little at a time.

Love the photo of two of your girls in their pjs. Makes me think of my own girls. Love. Love. Love.

I am so envious of the sun. Enjoy.