Saturday, April 27, 2013

soup: free to wander

Oh my goodness this wedding is making everything so much fun this spring. It is all we can talk about.

Last weekend was my Sis-In-Law's bridal shower, and we wore dresses and minded our manners and petted sheep. Could a day be any more wonderful? Maybe if it were warmer, yes.

You know, I am at peace with the fact that I will probably not ever be posting my run times for any race, ever. So.
Since I can't brag about working out, let me tell you about the amazing deals I got on our wedding clothes: 
three dresses, 
two sweaters, 
a dress for the wedding for me, 
three pairs of shoes,
 throw in several tops and skirts for the girls-- 
Grand Total:
under $100. 
AND I did it while shopping with three kids by myself. 
(Old Navy sales, and there was some mad couponing involved).
If this were a competition I might actually care to compete (probably not).

After the bridal shower, we went . .. Camping!
My Aunt Sharman rented a cabin for us for two nights at a local campground,
and it was so much fun we could hardly stand it.

We celebrated Earth Day by being outside in God's glorious earth from sunup to sundown.

It was so quiet and restful. I want to live in a cabin in the woods. 

I am feeling so hugely blessed by our family and friends, 
we have such wonderful people in our life.
Thank-you, Aunt Sharman, for a lovely and memorable camping trip!

I only have one link this week: Achieving Without Goals- zenhabits. 

This post so resonates with what I have been thinking about and I guess what I was trying to say in this post. I think that living with or without goals will of course be different for every personality, but it seems that things like ten-year plans, a-b-c types of thinking are a very modern, very American approach to life and offer only a win/lose way to live, and possibly miss some delightful twists and turns and possibilities along the way. Isn't it wonderful to think of life in terms of discovery rather than success?

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, whatever path you choose ...

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