Monday, June 24, 2013

\in the morning

5:00 alarm buzzes
5:47 coffee brews
6:07 the garage door wakes Josie
7:24 I pour cereal rinse berries
8:11 she wants to brush her own hair I say no we must leave she cries and cries and cries in her carseat it was all she ever wanted now this.
8:30 we visit the doctor for shots they won't let you into kindergarten without them, five years old they are already declaring her mortal.
9:22 we drive through Starbucks and the bank these things need to be done
9:27 she watches the clock the seven year old has seen these numbers before, It is a pattern she says time repeats itself.
Yes love
9:28 she steps into mortality too
10:30 I fold laundry I think about eternity more and more I wonder does it walk among us can we step into and out of it perhaps we do it all the time?
12:25 after lunch we lay on the grass and read library books all of this buzzing and growing happening beneath us I think this bee, it is eternal, it does not know when it began or that it has an end it only exists, as we will, or do?
12:40 we read a book about a farm and these cows, they are eternal, they are only now and this is now and the rooster, what is there for a rooster to think about but Glory? 
12:58 one more book, it is time to rest
1:08 How much longer? she asks
hmm about one hour.
How long is an hour? 
1:09 We are bored and unashamed.

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