Saturday, June 1, 2013

june one happiness

Today begins my favorite month of the year, Happy June 1st!

We spent the morning at the Botanical Garden making art with flowers . . . as one should spend the morning of the first day of June. 

I love this idea- give your kids materials from the garden to arrange and rearrange on a flat spot in the yard. How simple is that. The kids loved this.

I spent all week registering my kids for camps and classes, planning weekend visits with friends and family and at the same time all week I spent thinking that I want this summer to be simple and quiet and restful and quiet and restful . . . 

Our homeschooling hasn't exactly finished for the year so much as it's just changing gears. The past couple of weeks I relaxed; we kept a gentle pace, but there was a lot of school still happening and I am thinking, maybe this is the way I need to approach our lessons always.

My plan for the summer is to read with the kids, a lot, and we have Handwriting Without Tears workbooks and Song School Latin, just for fun. 

Last night I went out for dinner with the other two moms we homeschool with for our own Teacher Appreciation Night, smile. I am so grateful for these girls! (Would you believe it, none of us have smart phones so there weren't any pictures). I have heard many people say that they have had a really difficult time finding a group that felt right, and I am so thankful the Lord gave me these girls this year. Homeschooling without a community would have felt really isolating to me. To those brave moms doing this thing all alone, or in unfriendly environments, you are doing an incredibly hard job and have all my respect. 


Relevant: What Not to Say to a Friend Who's Getting a Divorce- this is great advice for any difficult situation, not just divorce. I especially like the things TO say.

Oh, I can relate so much to this: In Which I Know, I'm Sorry, I Hope I was Kind- Sarah Bessey
Maybe it’s because I’m gratefully disillusioned about church leadership. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty convinced that we’re all doing the best we can do, most of the time. Maybe it’s because I don’t think anyone has the corner on truth.Maybe it’s because I’m thankful for the extremes and all points in between, because they keep us growing, keep us alive, keep us reforming. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wrong so often. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit tired.

Have a lovely first day of June, friends.

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