Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Soup Summer Solstice Edition

This week we painted the kitchen.

It is Twilight Meadow from Lowe's and not at all sophisticated. I love it.

Print #1 "People who love to eat are always the best people"- Julia Child. (I bought it on etsy a few years ago, and can't find the link now).

Print #2 Matisse. I can't seem to find this exact print right now, either. But click here for happiness.

We are renting and there's not much we can do with the old linoleum or cabinets, but the kitchen is bright and I spend a lot of time there so I'm glad we chose a color I love, even if it is a little Florida Old Lady-ish.

Today is my last morning alone while the kids are VBS. I am so thankful for these few hours each day this week, and seriously grateful to the volunteers willing to sacrifice a week of their summer to teach my kids about Jesus. The girls all had fun, and came home singing new songs and reciting the fruits of the Spirit. To the people pouring time and energy and love into children in so many unglamorous and hidden ways, Thank-You.

Also this week . ..

Listened to this great message by Tim Keller: Your Plans God's Plans (recommend!)

We shelled peas. Used up the veggies we didn't know what to do with in this frittata. (This is a weekly supper in the summer, usually the night before we get our new CSA and need to clean out the fridge.)

We enjoyed a visit from Nana for two days. I got to go to the grocery store by myself and go shopping in the evening with my mom. 

I was able to experience Sam's first npr driveway moment with her as she was listening to this story (How Circadian Rhythms Give Vegetable a Boost). 

Spent a sunny afternoon with friends, in good honest conversation while the kids played. These are the moments my soul craves.

Anticipating a visit from a Haiti friend tonight! Hooray!

And now I am off to go thank some amazing volunteers.
Happy Summer Solstice!


Ruth said...

Have fun with the Haiti friend! Hope to find out who! (Post a photo on FB? :-))

Shannon said...

Jess, my kitchen is that color too!!! I just painted it after 6 years of trying to decide if/when/what color. :) love you!

Jo said...

LOVE the color! I just wish we had more hours ahead talking about everything but the kitchen sink in that kitchen together. (Vaclempt...)