Wednesday, July 31, 2013

12 things I learned in July

Linking up with Emily of chatting at the sky to share some things I learned in July:

1. I miss the sky. There are a lot of things I love about living in the city, but when I visit my parents I remember how much I miss the sky.

2. It is possible for three kids and I to eat dinner at Target for under ten dollars. And then I spent $47 shopping afterwards. It is possible for three kids and I to eat dinner at Target for under $57 dollars.

3. Speaking of Target, when my in-laws were in they took the kids shopping and they picked out Li'l Woodzeez. These are my new favorite toy. It is so nice to find something not a) princess b) pink 3) ridiculous.

4. I already knew I loved our library but this month endeared them to me a little bit more. They offered personalized book recommendations on social media one evening, and I now have four books on my nightstand waiting for me. Cuyahoga Public library, I think I would live in CLE just for you.

5. If I can have a day in my own home, all by myself, and the windows are open and if there is a storm brewing, and grey misty breezes and the whole world is quiet, and if I have a coffee nearby preferably on ice, well then, I could just write and write and write and write . ..

6. We canned pickles and blueberry jam and a whole load of peaches, and I learned again that I was born into the wrong era. I am glad for feminism of course, but I could happily spend long summer days wearing an apron and filling up mason jars with my mom and daughters and sisters in law. (I feel connected to my grandma in the kitchen, she was still preserving food the summer she died, one year ago this month.)

7. I learned that I have commitment issues when it comes to buying a house. Hunting for a house is much more fun than buying one. And do we even want to buy a house anyway? There are so many lovely houses and cities, how does one choose just only one?

8. Hamsters look an awful lot like rats. And if my kids are trusted to pet sit it is likely that someone will forget to latch the cage. And it is likely that I will completely forget we are pet sitting. And at six in the morning as I am sipping my coffee there is a good chance that rat-hamster will dash across the living room, and there is a good chance my screams will wake the neighborhood. Both I, and Fuzzy, are still shaking.

9. I am sleeping at night and keeping up with the laundry and reading books and even finishing sentences again . . . and this really makes me want another baby.

10. When I am weak then I am strong (2 Cor 12:10)
      and the reverse: when I am strong, I am weak. (why must I relearn this over and over?)

11. It doesn't matter how fondly you remember college, fourteen years later you will reunite with old college friends and reminisce and look at old college pictures and laugh at yourself and want to die of embarrassment. You will still remember college fondly.

12. I miss hot weather. C'mon Ohio, it's July. Hot not cold.


Anonymous said...

Love your post -- it was chatty and fun!

I love how you feel connected to your grandmother as you work in the kitchen. I need to call my grandma... :)

Stopping by from Emily's tonight. :)

LisaM said...

#2 made me laugh.

And #9 ... this thought surprised me as a fellow hyperemesis mama, as I am still debating a #2. You are courageous! Even in thought! :-)

Brandee Shafer said...

I dearly love that storm photo. So much life, here. Glad to reconnect with you via Chatting at the Sky.