Monday, July 15, 2013

We just finished breakfast at our hotel and now Jim is at work, the grandparents are on their way home to Missouri, the kids are cuddled under the covers watching a cartoon and I am stretching this first half of our summer just a few minutes longer until we check out. Thus begins the second half of our summer: less excitement, but just as anticipated. I am looking forward to a few weeks of long boring summer days.

Jim's parents took us to a hotel for two nights at the end of their stay. It was so nice having them stay with us. Sam is still weepy after saying good-bye last night.

I spent a few hours this week planning and ordering curricula for next year.  I am so thankful for Heidi and her blog, Mt Hope Academy.  It is one of the first homeschool blogs I ever started following, years ago, and definitely remains one of my most influential homeschool blogs. I love her focus on literature and I am absolutely amazed by how much her kids read! Plus she takes amazing pictures and posts really thoughtful links and she's honest, too, which is always a relief. She uses a classical approach and a lot of the Well Trained Mind resources, and she has been giving a very thorough run-down of the curricula she uses. Such a gift! Here's the Simplicity Version, but she goes much more in-depth for each subject, too. Love this blog.

Book- Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, by Kim John Payne. Good book, but I did end up skimming most of it. I wish it had been written a little more, well, simply? Good, practical advice on simplifying a child's life, everything from toys to schedules . . . I disagreed with a few things, mostly that a child should have only a few books (heresy!) Mainly about getting back to the basics and protecting your child from growing up too fast, with a lot of practical tips.

I think I was actually a little relieved when Google announced it was doing away with Reader. Like my friend Cami, I thought of it as a good way to unsubscribe from a lot of blogs I don't read anyway. However, I did switch over to feedly and I am really loving it.

This is the best Peach Cobbler recipe I've found.

We finally got a blender and made these Green Monster Spinach smoothies. They really are yummy and don't taste at all healthy ;-).

Everyone's a Biblical Literalist until You Bring Up Gluttony: Rachel Held Evans

This is wonderful- one more reason I wish we could all sit around a campfire singing kumbaya: When choirs sing, many hearts beat as one: npr

The Comfort of the Provider: Study in Brown
When I look back at our life and think of how I would have cringed to show anyone the reality of our situation, how often we were oblivious to the edge of disaster as we rode out storms on our little life raft of faith, I can't help but marvel at the gentleness of God.  He had no unkind words for us, no disdainful comments that we were "stupid" or "dumb" to be in such a mess.  No, He just kept telling us to hang on and trust Him and He'd get us through.   

Ohio friends: if you are anywhere near Canton you must check out our friends' awesome new deli! Deli Ohio serves local foods in downtown Canton. I haven't been here yet, but can't wait to check it out! Here is a great review.

Oh, so much more I would like to write here, but we are off . . . Cheers to many more hot, drippy summer days!

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