Friday, August 9, 2013


It can be an excruciating experience to read books with my youngest child.
She is a bit controlling, and more than a bit impatient,
and so as we are reading the story she is asking- demanding-
Why? What is going to happen?
Why is her face sad? Where is he going? Where is her mama?
She is looking at the pictures, hardly listening to the story,
frustrated by the things yet to be revealed as the story is told,
on the next page, and the next.
And meanwhile her sisters are growing impatient because they just want to hear the story already.

And aren't I just like Josie-
Why? What is going to happen God? 
Where are we going? 
When is this going to take place? 
What is the point? 
Why this and not that? 
What does this mean? 
Why does this hurt? 
What are we supposed to do now. ..?

And maybe God is saying, Hush, child, we are getting to that part. Listen. Enjoy the suspense just as you would trust your favorite author. There is this beautiful story I am weaving here, if you only will listen, and live freely, and wait.


Ruth said...

So good!

Jo said...

Yes! That's one of my favorite ways to think about God--as an author--who weaves the most beautiful stories, the kind where good wins and everything works out in the very end.
p.s. Miss you terribly!

ali said...

So true! I certainly ask God the same questions.... a lot. :)

About Anna said...

Great perspective! I love this.