Sunday, September 15, 2013

eternally curious

To be wise is to be eternally curious.
Frederick Buechner

We were young- seven? eight?- a childhood friend, Jenny, who has remained a lifetime dear friend. Climbing to the attic of her home we found ourselves in the presence of books. Stacks and stacks of books, towering, and we thumbed the covers and whispered for we knew we had stumbled upon wonder. And this is where I first was drawn to books, and the small sparkle of mystery they contained.

I was drawn next to people who read. I believed that they were the wisest people, and had arrived somehow, and I wanted to be around them and to learn what they knew. I know now that people read because of all that they don't know, or because of how alone they feel, and the more they read the deeper the mystery and the more curious they become and the less alone. They line their walls and stack their attics with questions and carry them in their arms.

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Corinne Cunningham said...

Your lines are like poetry today! Especially that last one... lovely.