Saturday, September 7, 2013

soup Sept. 7

I am at Starbucks this morning early to write. Next to me a lady sat down and spread out crochet blocks. Well, to each her own right? I come to Starbucks to write you come to crochet. Except that I am only at Starbucks for the free WiFi and lack of children. And the pumpkin scones. That is all. If I were going to, say, crochet, I could think of a thousand places I would rather do it. A cozy front porch? A bench on a hill watching the sunrise over the city? In front of my television watching House Hunters? There are many good places to crochet. Writing, not so much. Even this Starbucks is too noisy and pretty soon I am going to have to use the restroom and what will I do with my computer? Ask the crochet lady to watch it? Maybe.

There is a lot to be thankful for this week. Most important is the now conclusive result that Annie is going to Kindergarten. Which means she didn't sob when I dropped her off every morning, didn't run out into the parking lot looking for me, no phonecalls from the school. I had some serious doubts about this one. I imagined kindergarten lasting about two days. But I drop her off in the morning and she is smiling and I pick her up in the afternoon and she still is smiling and this is something of a miracle.

A lesser and but just as noteworthy wonder is that she begs to buy hot lunch! (Oh mom, the hot lunch looks so delicious! Please can I buy hot lunch?) No more packing lunches! Our likelihood of making it to school on time just increased by fifteen minutes. Miracles abound.

This week Sam had her first day of Classical Conversations. I am struggling to find the right cliche to describe it. Fabulous fantastic awesome wonderful? We love Classical Conversations. It is an intense three hours, but so so good. It is exciting to be a part of such a rigorous academic program based on the values of homeschool.

Our first week of homeschool went well but I confess I had a few of those foggy-brained/ in-need-of-grace days and you know I did what I need to do: fall flat on my face and pray God you are Big and Holy and Love and Forever and I am not. Clean my house top to bottom. Read something transporting. This week it was Gap Creek. Good read.

Today is beautiful. Every day this week has been beautiful. September in Ohio is beautiful.

This week the Buecher quote I posted got a lot of hits and my first reaction was, Oh no please don't be mean to me. And then I remembered it was only his words, not mine. Having a popular post has become one of my fears. It seems as soon as somebody writes something a lot of people agree with, there will be even more people who strongly disagree, and then their strong disagreeing posts will go viral and there will be a lot of tsk-tsking and internet glaring. I am clearly too fragile for blogging. I may be too fragile for the internet. Why are overly sensitive people cursed with this need for expression? Why not just be quiet and crochet something?

Leaving you with these lovely places to visit . ..

Cafe Tandoor: The very best place for Indian Food in Cleveland. (We overheard another customer say that it may be considered one of the best in the U.S.) I am not an expert, but my tikka masala was fabulous fantastic awesome wonderful.

Rabbit Room Discussion: Has Fiction Lost Its Faith?  Fascinating discussion, and comments.

How Living an Ordinary Life Becomes Extraordinary: storyline blog
When we let nothing draw our eyes and hearts and hands away from the word love, the most ordinary becomes blessedly extraordinary. We can hear our Lord say share a meal, consider a flower, and be like a grain of salt. It is then that we know we are being invited into a sacred kingdom.

'Sing yourself to where singing comes from': Remembering Seamus Heaney

When it's too big (a reflection on Syria): Rachel Held Evans

Two lovely souls I am adding to my sidebar:

I met my friend Jennifer through blogging. She and her husband are churchplanters in New Orleans, and she is wise and genuine. I love her. You will want to follow her new blog: Hasty Feet.

Next is my friend Tana who I met in Haiti. She and her family came to visit this summer and we had such challenging conversations for days about what it means to serve God and live a meaningful life. I am so thankful for her, and glad she has opened up the discussion into a blog, Keep Open House.

This week a dear friend of mine lost her mom. In a strange way I became friends with her mom before I met her, and have always felt a fond connection with her mom even though we hadn't met face to face in years. Her daughter Amanda is a fellow artist and I think of her mom as an artist too, in the way she lived with passion and gusto. She was one of those people I respected so much for having opinions about things, strong opinions which she researched and learned and understood, and even if I didn't share all of her opinions I respected her so much for knowing and learning and living with heart. It was an honor that Wanda read this blog.

And now friends, I am going to go buy a fall candle.  Peace . . .


Corinne Cunningham said...

The only reason I've ever taken my knitting to a coffee shop is when I've been trying to finish something up, and have a date with a friend :) Otherwise... no. But to each his/her own, right?
I'm so interested in Classical Conversations! I keep hearing wonderful things about it. Glad your school year is starting off well!

Jessica Stock said...

Ah, Corinne, it was a dumb thing for me to write! I'm sure I would do the exact same thing. I suppose I just was wishing not to be there this morning.

Cara said...

Haha, I also have to tease you about the crocheting! Last week I took mine and sat in my car at the park because everyone was at school and I just didn't have to be at home! :) And it was a beautiful day and I loved it!

I just love reading your blog, Jess! I love that we all look at the world in different ways and yet can come together so perfectly! (Or imperfectly, seeing that we're human and all!)

And I LOVE that Annie loves Kindergarten! And hot lunches! I now have Kid 1 packing her own lunches and it's just lovely!