Saturday, September 14, 2013

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Trust that if God is anywhere, God is here, which means that there is no telling where God may turn up next - around what sudden bend of the path if you happen to have your eyes and ears open, your wits about you, in what odd, small moments almost too foolish to tell. If God is ever, God is now, in the in and out of breathing, the sound of footstep on the stair, the smell of rain, the touch of a hand on your shoulder where you kneel at the door.   -Frederick Buechner, The Eyes of the Heart
This week I read The Eyes of the Heart: A Memoir of the Lost and Found. It left me all week daydreaming about God and death and the beauty and pain but mostly the beauty of life. I love Buechner's writing and the way it opens up new landscapes of imagination and hope and wondering about God. I love his honesty and curiosity and the tenderness and vulnerability and even doubt with which he writes about death and life and God. This is the first book by Buechner I have read- what should I read next?

Today we went for a hike and discovered this lovely little guy . ..

Mental Neat Freak: Conversion Diary ---this is so me.

Why You Should Stop and Remember Your Life: Storyline

The Obituary of Mary A. "Pink" Mullaney 

How to Live Through the Hard Weeks: Holy Experience
Drink the thankful sweet out of each thistle —because this is how you fly.

I wish . . .
And I wish all the people I love the most 
Could gather in one place 
And know each other and love each other well 
And I wish we could all go camping 
And lay beneath the stars 
And have nothing to do and stories to tell 
We'd sit around the campfire 
And we'd make each other laugh remembering when 
You're the first one I'm inviting 
Always know that you're invited, my friend 
-Sara Groves, Every Minute

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