Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday (Just Write)

It is a calm moment in the middle of a calm Tuesday. The sky has been blinding blue for weeks but today grew subdued and the trees began to muddle.

This morning was just the way things are supposed to go but seldom do- coffee quiet shower three daughters dressed three frizzy tangled heads of hair subdued (morning shrieks and desperation). Prayer gratitude socks shoes jackets out the door (early even), home. Chop onions call my mom. Second cup of coffee while listening to piano practice~ instruction offered in which my near eight-year old turns suddenly to me with her very first mom-you-don't-know-anything look and I wasn't sure whether to spit out my coffee and scold her but then I laughed (the years to come) and also, I sort of agree.

Then we read books on the couch, because we can. Josie with her elbow in mine and Sam and apples and Beatrix Potter and Leonardo DaVinci and Math and Ancient Rome.

In the middle of a paragraph I remembered four years staring out the window dreaming if I were a teacher there would be couches there would be tea my students would read books not these horrid textbooks and today there is tea and piles of books and staring out the window in the middle of an ordinary Tuesday it all is so startling and good.

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