Saturday, October 19, 2013

soup 10.19

I do love these quickly darkening days. In the mornings when I woke up this week the golden harvest moon was shining directly through the window and it is good to begin the day with Wow.

And the sun is telling us by seven we should be on our way to bed, that is just fine, and we fill a steamy tub and there are flannel nightgowns and extra blankets and a rocking chair with extra chapters, and then I creep to my own unfinished chapters.

The girls are sleeping late, past seven, I have to wake them up some mornings. After so many many years of five a.m., sleeping children at seven will never cease to amaze me.

I feel a tiny bit guilty at just how peaceful our days are this year. Annie still loves school. She is thriving on the routine, and she really loves the social, it is definitely the thing that motivates her, we hear all the kindergarten gossip. This will be something to think about when we bring her back home to homeschool next year.

We drop Annie at school and come home and Sam practices piano and does her schoolwork and Josie hops around. We take a midmorning break and go for a walk and gather leaves and come home and eat a little lunch and do more schoolwork. Then we brew tea and read on the couch. It is so peaceful and natural and so much what I want home education to be . . .

but I have only one student. Ahem.

And Sam is an easy student. Easy easy. It's like having a newborn who sleeps through the night- she's an anomaly. I did nothing to make her that way, she just likes to learn and likes to be at home and likes to do her schoolwork. I will enjoy this year and not feel guilty I will enjoy this year and not feel guilty . . .

And so I feel a little bit guilty that life is so calm and there seems to be so much space in life right now and I ask how does God want to fill it?

In the afternoons we bake or do art or read and then pick-up Annie and play outside and make soup. It is a season of exhale and peace and I am thankful.

The Autumn leaves this year seem to be hanging around extra long, the sky is wildly blue and "wherever you turn your eyes the world can shine like transfiguration" (Marilynn Robinson). It is my favorite slant of light this time of year.


Book Love: I read the ebook version. It was pretty short, concise and to the point, with good practical tips on how to overcome the things that discourage reading, and help your child to love books. There is a great section of online resources as well.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey
A really interesting compilation of the daily routines of all kinds of artists. I love getting a peek at the way people organize their days, the routines they cling to or reject in order to make art. I think the only common thread in nearly all of the lives of artists is coffee. Artists it seems need their coffee. I liked Marilynn Robinson the best who rejects all routine. The book is based on the blog by the author, Daily Routines.

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