Monday, November 11, 2013

marriage weekend

Jim and I went away to a marriage conference this weekend. It was our first marriage retreat, and the first in a long time being away without kids. Too long. The weekend was part of a big, national conference that has been hosting marriage retreats for over 35 years. Tons of planning and research has been put into this, and the topic is huge- A LOT of ground was covered in those two days. In fact I am still feeling a bit emotionally spent from all of it . . . but also I am feeling reset. Refocused and energized, renewed in my marriage and in my calling as a wife and mom. It was a good, practical and restful way to get away and focus on our marriage.

Could I be skeptical? Of course. Anything can be dissected. But overall I came away thinking again, where would I be without Christ? Without the instructions of scripture, the call to love and serve, basic things which go so against our nature and our culture and can only be produced by the Spirit. There is so much confusion in our culture, in me; I need to revisit the basics every so often. I was struck by the room full of people committed to their marriage and family, willing to go through the hard and painful and humble work of self-examination, forgiveness, healing, love.

Whatever the season of your marriage, I would highly recommend attending a Weekend to Remember. There are conferences happening all over the U.S., and a few coming up soon in Northeast Ohio. Send me a message if you'd like to know more, I'd be happy to tell you more about it!

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