Monday, December 16, 2013

my favorite craft- teeny tiny boxes

I love to make art with my kids but being called upon to do crafts with a group always terrifies me just a little bit. Like I said before, I'm not very crafty. Arty, yes. There is a difference.

So, when I need to plan a craft I usually go for something that is mostly art- meaning loose, creative, freedom- not stuck on a pattern.

Lately there is one go-to crafty project that I do for almost everything. Kids love it, it can be adapted to any holiday or age level or cost . .. 

Teeny tiny boxes.

I adore teeny tiny boxes.
Who doesn't love a teeny tiny box?
Teeny tiny boxes are the solution to anything.
The world could be saved with teeny tiny boxes- or something like that.

The project is so simple and can be anything at all that you want it to be.

I found small paper boxes for the kids to paint and decorate,
or this set of tiny plastic jars . . .

I have also used larger paper boxes from the craft store, mason jars, spice jars, baby food jars . .. any container can be turned into a magical teeny tiny box.

Simply decorate, and fill with something joyful . . . 

I like to fill them with little love notes. The plastic cylinder jars we fill with long, long, long slips of paper rolled up very tiny- a list of all the things we love about a person.

For my daughter's class we made pet rocks- the kids decorated their boxes, then painted rocks with sharpies (or paint) and glued eyes on. We cut slips of flannel as blankets, then nestled the pets into tiny nests in their boxes.

Other ideas . .. candy, tiny sparkly stones, itty bitty photos like a locket . . .

The fun is really the box- who doesn't love to open up a little treasure box decorated just for them.

Simple, artful, delightful, suspenseful, adaptable-- fun and inexpensive. My very favorite craft for kids.

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