Friday, January 31, 2014

let the small things speak

The thing I am learning about writing a story, about life or January, anything requiring a bit of endurance, a little long suffering, is letting the small things speak. To fall in love with the small things, again and again. 

And it is always the small things.

I am in love with the way the sun slants at seven-thirty every morning, and again at five-thirty in the evening. I am in love with the few more minutes of daylight every day, however cold, spring is coming.

Oh man, I am so in love with this girl. Do you know she stops what she is doing at least six times a day to come and and kiss me? Do you know she hugs her sisters and tells them I love you for no reason at all, out of the blue? She spent her first three years on my hip and fussed all of that time and I learned to lean in, made gentleness my goal and oh, it was so worth it, there is so much sweetness in one little soul.

We have a kitchen table. I am so in love with our kitchen table; our painted-upon craft table I finally convinced Jim could fit in our kitchen. I asked him to move it in (it has to be taken apart to fit through the doors) for company one night, and we decided it fits just right in the space, I think it's going to stay. I have always wanted a table in the kitchen, and I no longer need to clear off our dining table three times a day. Evidence:

(I love being her teacher).

I am still in love with my Florida retirement-home blue kitchen.
(There is the issue of chairs for our table- that is a problem. hmm).

Is it tea or sugar she is sipping? We will never know.

Eight. Oh, eight. The watch. The socks. The rainbow band. The hole in the jeans. I love eight.

Lunch at our kitchen table. Missing Annie.

My feelings toward most toys range from ambivalent to torment, but there is one set of toys which I absolutely love: Calico Critters, or the Target version, Little Woodzeez. They are the most delightful little animal families and little sets of general store or treehouse or bakery. Each set comes with dozens and dozens of the tiniest clever pieces: itty bitty baskets of apples, teeny tiny jars of candy, a little shovel, little sets of tea cups. Our kids love these and oh, they are the sweetest little pieces, and I find myself walking always with an eye to the ground, searching for these tiny things because I don't want them to be lost.

I keep falling in love with the little things. They are always underfoot, so small they are easy to miss, easily swept up and tossed away if we aren't watching.


Corinne Cunningham said...

I'm in love with your retirement home Florida blue kitchen pain as well :) And extra space in the kitchen to work and eat and live on... lovely.

Ruth said...

I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! You can see the details here:

No pressure if you don't want to participate. But your blog does always bring sunshine into my day. :-)