Sunday, January 26, 2014

renovations and eleven years at the Cleveland Museum of Art

we visited the museum, a snowy day, our second date and the very next day the third, a Russian film where you held my hand and i pretended to read subtitles while i wanted you to kiss me wanted to crawl into your lap and kiss you and

plans for renovation were already being made by our next visit entire sections had closed

and when i was green on that beige couch for weeks with our third child we fled for the museum needing proof of life and color and

then remember the long years and all of those visits with strollers and squirming kids and- why? everything under construction deconstructing
the way black plastic draped along corridors stairs leading to nowhere and we could not imagine anything beautiful beneath

a gallery opened in front only for the children and it's true, for a time we visited only for them you know?

often you went alone to think
once in a cold courtyard a stone seemed to breathe you said

today your birthday and a sitter- four hours- in the middle of a winter snowstorm we made the afternoon tour, finally visiting the galleries we've hoped for all of these years and
we sat in the new atrium drinking coffee
beneath the snow the renovations and
all of this new art
acquired as
in the window white fell and fell and fell


Corinne Cunningham said...

This was so beautiful.. just lovely, Jess! I had butterflies in my stomach for you and your hubby reading while reading this :)

Anna said...

goosebumps. i loved reading this!