Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Three art projects for kids

We along with a lot of the country have been snowed in, a lot, this month. The other day it occurred to me that I've hardly left the house this year. Honestly, in January I am glad for an excuse to hibernate. I think it is because there are so many indoor things that I enjoy, and I am so happy to finally have the space and time to do them. Also, I am blessed with children who love to do these things too. I'm not sure what I would do with kids who wanted to do excruciating things like play sports? ;-)

Here are some of the craft projects we have done on these cold days . ..

Family art collage

I had kind of hoped this would take a sillier form, but they went with realism . . .
The frame is a repurposed Melissa & Doug package . . . I adore M&D anything and never throw out the wooden packaging- useful for so many many things. Use old magazines and photos of each family member, with scrapbook paper for the background.

. . . and if they choose to make you way thinner and more stylish than you actually are, that is just fine too.

Next up: letters on canvas

I've had these 3-dimensional cardboard letters from a craft store for a year or longer, never quite sure what to do with them. We also have a dozen or more canvas which we paint and paint over. One morning, it all came together . . .

We glued scrapbook paper over the used square canvas (which conveniently happened to be the same size). Each child decorated her letter however she chose (although I did limit the paint choices).

If I had it to do over, I'd have given them the colored tape to use on their letters, but I didn't think of it until the letters were already glued down.

Use tape around the edges to finish it off. It ended up being a very quick and simple project, and I love how their personalities show through in the way they chose to decorate their letters. They are cute hanging over each of their beds.

Micah 6:8
Finally- a Pinterest idea linked from This Glorious Day, though I can't find the actual post.

Again, square canvas that we already had. Fortunately I had prepped them a while ago by painting over whatever was beneath with dark blue paint. (We use acrylic craft paint). The rest is pretty self-explanatory. The kids loved having their feet painted- I did it in the bathroom so they could step directly into the tub.

Stay warm and make art!

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