Saturday, March 22, 2014

time and enough

I had a dream this week of a tension-filled day at home. There was a lot of action and noise, everybody talking at once, me feeling angsty and stressed, worried about getting done everything I was trying to do. My grandmother was there, and for some reason I was arguing with her (ha!) and my friend Tana was there, sitting back, observing, and then she got up to leave and she said to me: There is enough time. (Such a wise one, that Tana).

And then the dream was over, and I woke up. And all week I have been thinking about this and trying to live in the reality of enough. Enough time. Like manna- only enough for what I need for each day. And only enough to do what Christ calls me to do. Abiding in Him is the only way to know what that is. 

Which is why I love this, the best post I read this week (and a great new-to-me homeschool blog!)-  Recognize Your True Task: at Amongst Lovely Things
uch of our anxiety in homeschooling could be side-stepped by simply acknowledging, every day, who we are trying to please. It sounds too simple, I know. But consider that your day (what you prioritize, what you don't) will likely look different depending on whether you are doing it all for His pleasure, or doing it all (or even some of it) to please Grandma, the neighbor, or anyone else.He isn't asking me to succeed. He's asking me to faithfully do the work.

Faithfully do the work- all for His pleasure.


Tana said...

Oh, how honoured I am to be in your dream. If only I was that wise during my own real-life tension-filled days . . . "there is a enough time" . . . such a good thought. Thank you for sharing your dream!

Ruth said...

Wonderful dream!