Friday, May 16, 2014

find the pockets

It is a dark quiet morning, time to write and I am thankful for this pocket of time.

I'm learning to find the pockets. All we have are pockets- the important things, anyway. That you can't wait for a whole suitcase of time or purpose or happiness or whatever it is- and even if you had it, would you really want to lug all that around? Sometimes we are so busy waiting for the big luggage to finally arrive- all of the meaning or success or time we think we need- that we don't find the small important things tucked into the pockets, with us all along.

When listening to a sermon or reading, I've learned to listen for one thing to hold onto; just one statement or two to keep and tuck into a pocket. I find God speaks through many things this way- just a word or image to take and think on.

I am turning this blog into pocket. I've wondered lately what to do with it, it had become awkward and heavy and I thought about shutting it down. I don't have a lot of time to devote to it. I think I was trying to make it hold more than what it is for. This blog isn't a book, or a memoir really, or a good source of information. I don't have a niche so much, more than Life and Wild and Precious- this is my niche, what I want to write about here.

Life happens in pockets, in moments and glimpses. And wild and precious is nothing more than a bit, a pause, a feather, a glance.

This is what I want to spread out here- the small things, the treasures I find and carry in my pockets.

I needed to remember what this blog is for.

There are a lot of things I think about sharing here, but I am changing to a smaller format- only the pockets.

(I created a Jessica Stock, Writer facebook page where I will be sharing blog updates. I'd love if you would join me).

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Sharman said...

I put my golf jacket on today; it was chilly. It's a great jacket because it has great pockets ... to keep golf tees, Kleenex, some change, keys. Just the essentials. In fact, there are two hidden pockets with zippers beneath each side pocket ... for the really important stuff ... you don't want to have drop out of the pocket while walking, swinging, putting, driving ... all around the golf course. Or, just taking a walk through the park. Thanks Jess for all your life lessons for all the women in your life.