Friday, May 23, 2014

How self-awareness can help us love and respect others

Today Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy posted Self-Awareness makes everything better. I love this post and her series on Susan Wise Bauer's talk, "Parenting the Good Kids and the Odd Ones Out." This is so helpful to me as we have both a good kid and an odd kid out, and are sometimes left scratching our heads knowing how to lead them. (I missed this session at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention and am so glad Anne is doing a re-cap!)

I am a strong INFP on the myers-briggs, and I am just learning about the Enneagram- almost positive I'm a nine.

I agree with Susan Wise Bauer to do every personality test you can, and celebrate the results. Knowing yourself can be so affirming and liberating from expectations which you were never meant to carry.

And, celebrating who we are allows us to celebrate who others are as well. When we free ourselves to be who we are, celebrate our own uniqueness, we naturally can celebrate the uniqueness in others.

For example, I wrote a few days ago about having your dream home by decluttering and simplifying your house. And for me, that works. I can think clearer when my house isn't cluttered.

BUT, there have been times when I've wished I could be more like the people whose homes and lives and personalities are so full and running over. You know the type- they are able to let the dishes pile because people and life are more important, and their homes feel so full of life and energy. I respect that so much!

I am not a detail person and dislike routine. I need to really discipline myself in these areas when it comes to homeschool, which is why I respect people who are good at these things.

Any perceived weakness is the flip side of a strength.

It is when we try to impress or conform to another person that the impostor takes control, and we can feel like we are floundering. The false self produces jealousy, insecurity, and comparisons.

Perhaps the only real personality weakness is not being true to who we really are- which is why it is so important to be self-aware.

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