Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Plans for Summer Learning

I am testing with Sam this week, kindergarten is winding down for Annie and I can't believe it- summer is almost here. We are looking at the calendar and penciling in plans, and I am thinking about what learning will look like over the summer. I've decided I will focus only on three main things:

1. Read aloud
2. Scripture Memory
3. Skip counting

I am adding books to our read aloud pile with relish. This is our top priority, hopefully every morning and again in the evening, as much time as possible. I will share our summer reading list later.

We have taken different approaches to Scripture Memory. This spring I used a Tasha Tudor illustrated book to memorize Psalm 23.  This summer we will listen to Sing the Word From A to Z cd and learn The Lord's Prayer. Here is a good verse list for children.

The math portion of Classical Conversations is learning to skip count up to fifteen. I purchased the skip counting cd that goes along with Math-U-See.

We will do some handwriting (we use Handwriting Without Tears) and cursive practice, and will finish the second Story of the World on audio.

There will be daily silent reading, kids and me.

The most important part of learning in the summer is for minds to be free to explore- everyone, kids and me. Books, poetry, nature, curiosity, art- sounds like a good summer to me.


Brandee Shafer said...

My little girls just memorized Psalm 23. We used the Haidles' book called Comfort for a Child's Heart :) It's such a blessing, isn't it?, to hear them recite scripture. We're using Psalm 23 as our bedtime prayer.

Did you use the scripture ABCs for your kindergartener? We used those for the few short months I was being disciplined about homeschool preschool.

Jessica Stock said...

Hi Brandee! We didn't, but I will check out these books you mentioned. Thanks for the comment!

Cami said...

I have been thinking about Summer, as well. I immediately placed a hold on Story of the World. I had never heard of it. My kids love listening and this will be so good for me too.