Sunday, May 11, 2014

What I learn from my mom and hope my daughters will too

My mom was born believing life is meant to be fun.

She is an extravert. She comes alive when she's with people. She is great at bringing people together, planning parties, being a hostess, serving food. She remembers birthdays and events and loves to celebrate. She makes friends with everyone- the person packing her groceries, the girl who makes her latte. She would prefer to have people around all the time. 

She sincerely likes people and people like her back. 

She grew up in a city, and then she married a Mennonite and moved to the country and into a Mennonite community not especially known for it's parties. More for it's frugality, hard work, and self-denial. The women in my dad's family are expert seamstresses, cooks and gardeners, all work that requires staying home and being alone, the thing that goes against my mom's nature.

And yet my mom managed to always be who she is. 

 She is rarely critical. Everyone is her friend, however different. She assumes the same grace will be given to her and so she doesn't try to change who she is. 

And there may have been times when she has attempted canning tomatoes or making a quilt, but she's much better at parties.

I admire the way my mom chooses to be herself, and doesn't conform out of guilt or fitting in. The little hill in the country where they live is brighter and friendlier because she didn't stop being who she is.

This is what my mom teaches me, and what I hope my daughters will learn from her as well.

(That, and? I grew up with the most fun mom ever. I am so thankful mom for you!)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! It's a good day to have a party!


Brandee Shafer said...

What a great tribute to your mom, and you know, I'd never considered that my aversion to homey things is tied to my extroversion, so thanks for that. Happy Mother's Day to both of you; you both have beautiful eyes!

Rebecca said...

Love this. Simple and sincere <3
Happy mother's day to you.

jane b said...

i love this! your mom really is such a light. i miss her a bunch!