Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I Want for Mother's Day

Sometimes the thought of Mother's Day or my birthday is a little bit stressful. Jim will ask me what do I want, or what do I want to do, and I really have no idea.

What do I really want?


I'd like Josie to wake me in the morning, early, and us to drive to Starbucks for coffee, listening to npr and Josie still wearing her pajamas and covered with a blanket in the backseat. We already did that.

I'd like some space and clarity to write this morning, and I did that too.

I know that I want a clean kitchen and all of the papers and markers cleared off the table, and to go buy groceries and put them all away.

There is a plant sale that might be nice to go to, just to look and to drive with the windows down and play music loud and wear sunglasses.

When I get back I'd like to go for a run.

After I run Jim will grill burgers, and then the we'll all walk to get ice cream.

And tonight we'll put the kids to bed and drink three dollar wine, and I'll make Jim watch The Great Gatsby because I've borrowed if from the library twice now and I've yet to watch it, but I will fall asleep halfway through, and so I will turn it off and go to bed thankful and happy and knowing I have all I could want. And more.

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