Thursday, May 8, 2014

What I'm Into

Today: sunshine, a visit to the library, a stack of books, bare feet, lunch on the grass, life is good.


Today was the first day of true spring where we live, the first day without jackets, the weight of the sky finally lifted and the sweet air of world new again. We sat all afternoon with the windows open and reading our books, and it was just the right kind of day to read a book by Kent Haruf.

Kent Haruf is one of my favorite authors for many reasons; the way he illuminates the ordinary details of ordinary lives with such sparse, provincial language. For the stories he chooses to tell and the ones he doesn't, the way his stories open my heart to what is good and true and lovely, and make me want to believe the best in people. I love the way his words quiet me and make me more aware of the beautiful mundane.

Benediction is much like Plainsong and Eventide, each telling the tender and aching stories of the residents of a small town on the plains, whose lives connect and disconnect and hurt and heal one another.


This great collection of audio lectures and podcasts at Amongst Lovely Things

Spring Cleaning:

Thinking: about curriculum for next year and all of the things I want to blog about.

House-hunting. Yep. Again. It's a lot more fun than actually buying a house.

Remembering that a house is just a house, and what are the things I really need.

Enjoying: the first pitcher of iced tea of the season. My mom makes the best iced tea, here's the secret:

First fill the bottom of your pitcher with ice and pour sugar over (I use about 1/3 cup. My grandma used a cup or who knows maybe more- hers was the best iced tea ever). Let the ice melt into the sugar while the tea brews.

Pour boiling water over 6-8 tea bags in a four-cup measuring cup, let it brew a while (five minutes? ten?), then pour over the ice and sugar. Refill measuring cup with regular water 2-3 times to fill pitcher. The magic is in the melting ice and sugar, something about it makes the tea snappier. 

Ah, welcome Spring! We have waited long for you.

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