Friday, June 13, 2014

Some favorite podcasts

School's out and we fled to the country for a few days. My parents live in the most beautiful little valley on earth, where every single night the sunset is glorious. Does the sunset change in different places? I don't know. But you really need to come and see for yourself. Just show up and sit on their porch around nine this week. They won't mind.

I got to sneak away for a night with Jim to Pittsburgh. He went to a conference, I sat by a window and read Mary Oliver for an afternoon. It was glorious.  

With all of the time in the car lately I've listened to several good podcasts.  I'm really just beginning to listen to podcasts since I got an iphone a few months ago. Now that I've found a few I really like, I love having them in queue to listen to in the car or while folding laundry.

Here are a couple favorites:

Probably my all-time favorite podcast: Andrew Kern on Teaching from Rest
Inspiring beyond homeschool, one of the greatest sermons I've heard as well; what does it mean to be made in the image of God, correctly ordering our soul, filling our minds with good and beautiful things- and how this flows into teaching/living from a state of rest. Beautiful.

I love the Circe Institute: cultivating wisdom and virtue. Useful for homeschool, but inspiring in all pursuit of wisdom and virtue. A lot of great resources on the site, the free audio library is rich.

The Life{in}Grace Podcast by Edie Wadsworth- really great stuff here. I especially like A life in beauty and A life in faith.

The Read Aloud Revival by Sarah Mackenzie-  good practical inspiration for homeschool and reading together

NPR books podcast

The New Yorker fiction podcast


Danielle said...

My favorite is What You Missed in History Class and currently enjoying The Art of Simple too. Spurs me on to keep clutter at bay and stay motivated in my values of simplicity.

Jessica Stock said...

What you missed in history sounds interesting! I need to check it out. And the Art of Simple is great too. Thanks for the suggestion!