Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A review of 2014

We are home and quiet today after a busy few weeks. We celebrated Christmas early at home, then spent a few days with my family, and then we traveled to Kansas City, Missouri for a quick and fun trip with Jim's family. I love this time of year and all that goes with it. I love the activity and gathering and noise, I love packing and planning and to be on the road. And I love to come home. It was especially nice this year to come home to our own cozy house.

My mind is spinning with ideas and plans for the new year. I love all of the seasons, but I have learned to especially love this slow, grey month that opens like a fresh notebook. It is time to hibernate. It is time to make art.

A few things I learned and some highlights of 2014: 

1. Looking back on this year and the past years, I think I am finding a little clarity of what is my ministry for now, in this season, small as these things are . ..

-the ministry of countenance
-a disciplined and sanctified imagination
-to live a welcoming life

2. Words I lived by in 2014
I kept these particular phrases taped to the refrigerator, and thought on them daily:

"The key to Classical Education {parenting, life} is modeling."

"We are what we think."

"Favorable conditions never come." -C.S.Lewis

3. I learned that I am a Nine on the Enneagram.

4. Conflict makes things better
As a Peacemaker Nine (above), I hate conflict. I am learning, slowly, how to have healthy conflict and that conflict can be positive, peacemaking, and can build relationships.

5. Best Books of 2015
It seems every year I read a couple of books which qualify as The Best Book I've Ever Read. This year:

Best Fiction: Middlemarch- reminded me Why I Read Fiction

Best Non-Fiction: The Call by Os Guiness, another I will refer back to again and again 
"Follow the call of Christ despite the chaos and uncertainty of modern life, and you have the storyline of your life."
Best Parenting Book: Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes... In You and Your Kids, by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. The heart of obedience and of becoming the person God made you to be, is for honor. Honoring God and others became the theme of our home this year, and will continue to be.

6. We enjoyed good visits with dear friends, these were the highlight of 2014. I am hoping 2015 will hold more of the same

7. Jim and I got iphones, we took a million field trips, had playdates, Jim began a new job working for Cleveland RTA, I continued writing for The Budget. I attended the Midwest homeschool convention (loved it). We began our third year of homeschool and second year of Classical Conversations. The kids played and grew and became fresh, new little people, right before our eyes. 

Three well visits- just because I love the photo 

(all of their intensity came from him)
8. My entire family went to Disney World.

Jim and my mom are missing from this photo- a fun time with all 14 of us.
I love my family!
9. I learned to teach (and live) from a state of rest. (Best podcast of 2014- I can't find the podcast, but this video by Andrew Kern is the same topic.)

10. We went camping and I decided I want to live in an RV. We came home and bought a little house.

11. I decluttered our entire house. Every last bit- from the furniture down to Polly Pocket's itty-bitty pink shoes, everything found a home or was purged. I probably wouldn't have done this if I hadn't needed to, but it feels good. I will write a post about this soon.

12. Best Christmas Gift (Ever): my sister-in-law built me the only thing I wanted for Christmas- a Little Free Library! She is amazing! I love it! 

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