Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I don't feel like decorating for Christmas this year. Christmas, yes. I'm just not up for dragging out one more box and unpacking it knowing I will have to pack it all up again. 

We are in a state of unfinished. Everywhere I look there is something needing done- hang curtains. clean out the gutters. put the garage in order. paint. remove. fix. change. It won't all get done anytime soon. We moved at a time that coincided with an intense time of work for Jim, and the holidays and a trip to visit family over Christmas, and there is just so much to do.

I like things to be meaningful and thoughtful and intentional, and this year feels like Christmas happening to us in a blur.

But this morning we will do lessons. And then I will head to the basement and drag out the Christmas decorations. And the kids will dive into them with abandon, and Christmas will be upturned all over the house, and all that is unfinished will be strung over with childish anticipation and joy. When I am tired of preparing, I will prepare anyway. And I will choose to see the metaphor rather than the mess. Because I do love a good metaphor.

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The Offense of Joy said...

I don't comment often (I'm sorry!) but your posts continue to be some of my favorite. So thoughtful and fun and inspiring. Thank you for continuing to give and let us read them. I love the reminder in this one as I see mess EVERYWHERE right now - thank you.