Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Small as these things are,

The little one is sick and I've spent the past thirty-six hours with her clinging to me. She's a cuddler always, and when she's sick she only wants to be curled against me. Last night was fitful, and the night before.

"As the world counts things, there is not much in my care . . . I keep paring things back, zeroing in on my purpose. The time is too short for ugliness and foolishness. . .."
steward at study in brown.

I keep Tonia's beautiful post taped inside a cupboard door so I can go back and read it regularly. Especially days like this, which feel small and ordinary.

"Small as these things are, I guard them fiercely . . ."

I remember that this is my cup, my canvas, my work-

"When I go, I pray I have left a profligate, worn-out world the testimony of astonishing Goodness and Beauty . . ."

Go read my favorite post of 2014 . . .

In all of the noise of this internet world, I am most thankful for a few of these quiet, purposeful voices whispering of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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A Soulful Life said...

Dear Tonia's words always touch my soul. She always helps me see things with gentleness and clarity.