Thursday, December 4, 2014

that night we shopped and she shone

I'd wanted to go alone, but I took her along Christmas shopping last night. I am a poor decision maker and wanted to be alone so I could think. But I hadn't spent time with her alone in a while, and she loves to go, and so I let her come along, warning her as we went; Sam, I need to be able to think ok? You can't chatter the whole time.

So she came along and chattered the whole time.

And we shopped. This girl of mine, she shone. I got to see all of her best qualities last night. I already know her best qualities, but still, I marvel at her.

We left after dinner, around 6. I had a fairly lengthy list, some general ideas but nothing specific to give each person. For three hours we circled the store- discussing, debating, comparing. We dropped things in the cart and then took them back out again. We discussed budget and prices. We talked about each person very specifically. She reminded me of things I hadn't thought of, and discouraged me from the gifts that weren't exactly right. She never grew tired, never asked for anything for herself. She never complained once.

At nine we left the store but we weren't quite finished and so we went to Target. Again we shopped and compared and carefully selected until finally we had finished; each gift thoughtfully chosen. I feel like it was my best year of gifts, and all because of this child of mine.

Sami is a doer. She loves to have a goal and accomplish it. And she is really logical and careful and precise, like her dad. And she is sharp, her understanding of people and values and the world is beyond her years.

Forgive me for bragging on my kid. Sometimes I get to see all over again how awesome they are.


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Brandee Shafer said...

Love this. I so treasure that rare one-on-one time with one of my four.

Tana said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you are blogging again. Your blog is a breath of fresh air to me. As Emeri says, "it is my favourite in my life!" (yes, she is 2 years old :)

Ruth said...

So great. Thanks for sharing this!